Artist Statement

The concept for this series is deeply inspired by an interest in environmental psychology, with the true focus being the relationship between humans and their surroundings, and the effect of these spaces. I am interested in the idea that ones environment, including natural environments and built spaces, are connected to the human and how spacial energy effects ones behavior.

Often times, I believe humans to be unaware that we are molded by our immediate environments. My concept creates a physical connection to highlight and bring forth this phenomena. My objectives are to acknowledge the idea of a strong natural energy that connects a person with the space they inhabit, enter or exist in. To provide an avenue for us to view these connections, I have designed one of a kind pieces that become one with the environment. I hope to reveal the idea that energy put out into the world in turn becomes energy absorbed. While these pieces engage the wearer, they also engage the viewer by simply existing in the same place at the same time.